Signs of a Bad Alternator and Tips For How To Maintain A Car Alternator

Signs of a Bad Alternator and Tips For How To Maintain A Car Alternator

Publish on 2019-06-17 | 16

The alternator function is to charge the battery and provide electric power for car’s electrical components when engine is running.You will know Signs of a Bad Alternator and Tips For How To Maintain A Car Alternator after reading this article.


How To Install John Deere Mower Belt Replacement ?

Publish on 2019-03-26 | 289

Mower Belts,also called deck belts if it connects the blade shafts of the mower deck.The most popular mower belt is V belt,which is shaped like the letter "V" in cross section.No matter what type of belts are using,the main function is to transfer the torque from the engine to the transmission,then push the lawn mower forward and spin the blade to complete cut grass.


How To Install A Dash Cover?

Publish on 2019-03-26 | 108

Truck Dash Mats,also called dash covers or dashboard covers,are used to protect against UV Ray which damage will cause your cars’ dashboard to fade in color or crack.If you are experiencing a cracking dashboard on your dodge,installing dodge dash cover can make your dash look beautiful again.


How To Change Brake Pads on ATV?

Publish on 2019-03-26 | 345

Brake pads are critical in braking system,the friction between the brake pads and brake discs plus the tires and the ground make the kinetic energy convert into heat energy,then slow down your ATV or bring it to a stop.But atv brake pads don’t last forever and will wear out gradually because of daily use.


What are differences between Semi Metallic Brake Pads and Sintered Brake Pads?

Publish on 2019-03-26 | 169

Semi Metallic brake pads and Sintered Brake Pads which is better for your motorcycle or ATV? Understanding the difference between Semi Metallic Brake Pads vs Sintered Brake Pads the options is key to optimizing your driving experience and protecting your Motorcycle and ATV.


How To Replace Upper and Lower Control Arm Bushings

Publish on 2019-03-26 | 287

Control Arms, sometimes called “A Arms”,are the core of your front suspensions system,which allows the wheels to move up and down . Control Arm connect the frame or body of a car to the assembly that holds a front wheel.


Foreverun Motor Brake Pads Buying Guide: Which Brake Pads to Choose ?

Publish on 2019-03-26 | 113

Hexautoparts own brand-Foreverun Motor features Sintered Brake Pads,Carbon Kevlar Brake Pads and Semi Metallic Brake Pads for a great many motorcycles and ATV,from hot Harley Davidson to Honda,Kawasaki,Yamaha,Suzuki,Polaris and more.The selection of brake pads depends on the materials you prefer, the environment you are in and performance you want.Hexautoparts will help you make a good decision-buy best brake pads or what kind of brake pad replacement you need for your vehicle.


What Do Wheel Spacers Do?

Publish on 2019-03-26 | 377

Wheel spacers are used for creating a space for wheels when cornering.Most of them are made up of aluminum and very strong to be safe(More details you could visit Are Wheel Spacers Good or Bad For Your Car).Installing wheel spacers can provide clearance for wider tires and allow the installation of aftermarket big brake kits as well as wheels with a different bolt pattern.


Are Wheel Spacers Good or Bad For Your Car ?

Publish on 2019-03-26 | 282

High quality wheel spacers or wheel adapters themselves are safe because most of them are made up of aluminum,which is very strong.As long as wheel spacers are installed in proper way and double check before you drive on road, you will have a better and smoother drive.


Why 1991-2011 Ford Ranger Won't Start And How To Choose A Ford Ranger Starter Replacement ?

Publish on 2019-03-26 | 112

Though starter is a common failure point,when you experienced your ford ranger won’t start,is it time to replace a new ford ranger starter immediately? Definitely not.If you do not double check why your ford ranger won’t start before ordering,maybe a new ranger starter still haven’t fix your problem and it will cost you much time and effort to figure out.